4 Quick Tips for Testing New Skincare Products

Kudos to you. You navigated the endless skincare options like a pro and found your new product. If you’re anything like us, you can hardly wait to slather your new silky product all over your skin and stare in the mirror waiting for instant results. Le sigh. We wish it worked that way.

The reality is: Testing out new skincare products can be tricky. There’s always the possibility of an unwanted reaction, and it’s also hard to make sure it’s actually working on your skin. So, we asked our founder and beauty veteran, Hillary Clark, to share her new skincare secrets.

Look for Warning Signs
Always check contraindications and warnings regarding acids and other actives. And, as a general rule of thumb, don’t purchase skincare or color from Amazon. Sorry, Amazon, there are just a lot of counterfeit products on there. So, stick with the branded site or buy from major beauty retailers.

Start Slow and Small
Always start by spot-checking the product behind the ear for sensitivity. And then, introduce new products or ingredients slowly and one at a time. It’s also important to integrate the product in small areas of the face, so you can isolate it if you have a reaction. It’s ok to start with the neck, face, and eyes as they are in different areas.

Document Everything
Take pictures if you’re working on a “problem” area: Puffy eyes, dark circles, or dark spots, a stubborn line (or two). Give it a minimum of two weeks, then take pictures again at weeks two, four, and six. To really see the results, take the pictures in the same spot, at the same time of day, and at the same angle. Pro tip: Wear clothing without bright colors, so that the contrast between what your skin used to look like, and how it looks now, will not be altered by the reflection of your clothing.

Find Your Forever Products
Don’t “speed date” new products. Skincare is a long-term commitment and it takes at least 30 to 60 days to see any significant or lasting results. That’s not to say some products can’t give you immediate results. They can – especially if you’re working with a roller or some other facial massage tool. But, dark spots and standing wrinkles take patience, diligence, and a healthy dose of realistic expectations.

Now, we want you to share your progress pictures with us. Be sure to document your Beauty H-A-C journey and tag us at @beautyhac.

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