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When our Lead Chemist reviewed our lab briefs, she slowly raised her eyes from the screen and looked at us like we were crazy because we spared no expense when sourcing specialty ingredients to combine with clinical levels of Peptides and Vitamin C Ester.

"These gorgeous decks are comprised of mostly specialty ingredients - do you realize the implications on the time to source and the costs involved- are you aware of how expensive these formulas will be?!?"

Yep, we are. And that is the #1 reason that you will never find Beauty HAC on a shelf in a fancy department store. (Trust, we LOVE a fancy skincare store as much as anyone, but, it doesn't fit our promise to you.) Instead of spending on going into retail, we  choose to invest in the products themselves and save you from paying retail mark-up.  More on that in another blog. 

Back to the ingredients...

You see, some brands add a few buzz-worthy, marketing-approved ingredients to an existing formula, slap a label on it, and call it NEW.

Not us. After decades in the beauty industry as an Educator, Esthetician, Beauty Editor, Artist, and Consumer Advocate, our founder, Hillary Anne Clark, learned a thing or two about how the skin works and how products are made. She won’t stand for anything but the best, and that meant starting from scratch by sourcing the highest quality ingredients and auditioning numerous chemists and laboratories to find ones that share our passion and credo to develop our formulas. 

By leaning into what she learned from renowned Dermatologists, Cosmetic Chemists, Celebrity Estheticians, and through her in-depth studies with European, Eastern, and Ayurvedic practitioners, Hillary set out to create products that are both HOLISTIC AND CLINICAL. 

Meaning, we searched the globe for ingredients that have stood the test of time for efficacy and bio-availability in a laboratory setting then, paired them with detoxifying rollers designed to benefit the skin from the inside out and outside in.

Our Serums are a labor of love and major ingenuity. Set by our uncompromising standards that deliver immediate and long-term results, we designed our formulations over 19 months and tested HUNDREDS of lab samples before approving our signature serums.  

We believe that the term "clean beauty" is over-used, misunderstood and leveraged to sell you, the consumer. Take a deep dive into our ingredient decks, we've mapped many of our sources and take you on a journey to discover their origins and ancient applications.

Like the Rollers? Thanks, they are exclusively ours. After trying every roller and applicator out there- literally- we selected the FLAT rollers because they activate lymphatic cleansing without closing the lymphatic channels- which can happen with domes rollers- while covering more surface area to drive the serum into the skin and stimulate circulation for an immediate glow!

Beauty HAC

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