Can Sugar Make Your Skin Sag?

In one word: YES. Sugar is a skin villain that can make collagen brittle and "break", leading to wrinkles.  

Before you panic and leave the page because you don't want to hear it, read on- we've included ingredients to help prevent the dreaded 'SUGAR SAG'. (yes, that's a real term used by dermatologists.)

Ever wonder why your skin looks BLAH, during the Holiday Season? We tend to blame it on stress and lack of sleep but SUGAR plays a major role too.

Dermatologists call it ‘Sugar Sag’ and blame the loss of elasticity and sallow color on ‘Glycation’.

When you consume sugar, the glucose from the carbohydrates and sugar molecules float around your bloodstream before attaching themselves to proteins and lipids in your body. This is the protein glycation process.
When they attach to these lipids and proteins, they form new molecules, referred to as AGEs or advanced glycation end products.
Glycation degrades these important proteins in a similar fashion to the way rust weakens and degrades metal; by hardening and loosening elasticity in the skin. The end result is skin that sags and is at a higher risk of lines and wrinkles.

Eat The Cake. Sip The Champagne. Roll Your Beauty HAC.

The good news- our Serum contains Cebula Fruit, a known Glycation inhibitor. Clinical studies show that the antiglycating activity of chebulic acid, isolated from Terminalia Chebula Fruit breaks the cross-links of proteins induced by AGEs and inhibiting the formation of AGEs.

So, have the cake and Roll With Beauty HAC!

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