What is Lymphatic Cleansing?

You may have seen the words lymphatic cleansing alongside other beauty buzzwords like jade roller and youthful glow. We’re always here to call beauty B.S., but lymphatic cleansing is as legitimate as they come. Here’s why.

Meet the Lymphatic System
Everything starts with the lymphatic system. Think of it like your body’s housekeeper, continually dusting and sweeping from head to toe, removing toxins from your body. It’s a crucial part of the circulatory and immune systems (which is why your lymph nodes can get swollen when you’re sick). The lymphatic system is made up of a large network of organs, glands, vessels. All of these are interconnected by lymph vessels, which carry the precious lymph fluid that is circulated throughout the body.

Make Moves
Your lymphatic and circulatory systems work together. But there’s a crucial difference. The circulatory system has a pump: the heart. Your lymphatic system does not. It depends on voluntary or involuntary stimulation to move waste materials through the body. It depends on movement.

When we move, the lymphatic system gets to work, and the real magic happens. That housekeeper? Now she’s emptying the trash. And this is what gets rid of dull skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, swollen ankles, jaundice – and all manner of diseases. That’s how your skin wakes up and begins to glow.

So, how do we help our lymphatic system work at peak efficiency? Simple: move.

Roll With It
You can do a facial massage, but tugging on your skin can be a little harsh. Rollers are a more gentle and effective way to move your face. This will remove stagnant fluid, sweeping the puffiness right out of your face. You know how your face gets that rosy, dewy glow after a massage or a little exercise? That’s the same kind of wake-me-up stimulation you’ll be bringing to your skin. And, the benefits are cumulative over time. It feels a little like magic, but it’s based on real, honest-to-goodness science. You’re improving microcirculation, bringing nutrient-rich blood to the inner and outer layers of skin, while encouraging the lymph system to remove the trash.

One of our favorite things about facial rolling is that the technique is just about as ancient as they come. We’re just making it more modern with our innovative Beauty H-A-C serums and cooling stainless steel heads ergonomically designed to sweep toxins and fluids from the eyes and face. Ready to roll? Show us on Instagram @beautyhac.

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