Not All Rollers Are Created Equal. Here’s Why.

Rollers are the latest incarnation of a very good idea. In ancient times, the Asians and Egyptians utilized facial massage as an essential part of their beauty ritual. They may not have known the effect manual stimulation was having on a scientific or cellular level, but they could see and feel the benefit of bringing more blood to the skin. Fast forward to the last couple of years and facial rollers are everywhere. But, we had some second thoughts about their domed shapes…

Domed Rollers
While domed rollers are good for facial massage and stimulating micro circulation, they aren’t very effective when it comes to lymphatic cleansing. In fact, their shape can actually cause fluid and waste material to get trapped under the skin and in the lymphatic capillaries, rather than being released and moved towards the lymph nodes where it can be eliminated. (Need a refresher on lymphatic cleansing and its benefits? Start here.)

Lymphatic channels (or capillaries) are very close to the surface of the skin and are designed so that fluid only flows in one direction: towards the lymph nodes and eventually to the heart.

The dome in the center of most rollers actually pinches the capillaries closed when you roll over them. It acts as a pressure point, trapping fluid under the eyes (hello, eye bags) or throughout the face (puffiness).

Flat Rollers
Fear not, we developed a flat roller to combat this very concern. Flat rollers evenly distribute very light pressure and gently sweep fluids through the capillaries where they can be eliminated. We use this innovative flat head on our Beauty H-A-C System, so you can de-puff and activate lymphatic cleansing. Keeping in mind the capillaries, whenever you roll, you always want to sweep the roller outwards and down towards the lymph nodes – not back-and-forth on the face – unless you are starting with a facial massage and finishing with lymphatic drainage.

Ready to get rolling (the right way)? Join us at @beautyhac for tips and tutorials.

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