Beauty H-A-C Stands for Holistic And Clinical. Here’s Why.

We believe that we all deserve to use beauty products that really work, and that do so without harming us. It’s that simple. And, we believe it so strongly that we named our brand after this very premise: Holistic And Clinical.

So, what does this really all mean? And, is it even possible? We’ll break it down for you. 



We take a 360-degree approach to beauty. We use natural, skin-loving ingredients in our clean bases to compliment and assist the penetration of the clinical ingredients. Meaning? Your skin will naturally recognize and absorb all of these ingredients. And, believe it or not, this isn’t always the case with your skincare products. If you take a hard look at the ingredients in an average cosmetic product, there will be a ton of water, along with fillers, perfumes, harmful preservatives – and then only a small amount of active ingredients. Crazy, right?

We also considered the entire experience with our products as a whole, which is why we added the stainless steel roller applicator. By applying our serums with a roller, our products deliver holistic therapy through the stimulation of microcirculation and lymphatic cleansing. We like to think of it as skincare meets self-care. 


As women, we spend a lot of money on products with false promises. The quick fix. The miracle cure. The newest fad. As a beauty industry veteran, that’s just one thing our founder, Hillary, won’t stand for. Our products use natural and cosmeceutical ingredients.  For many of our ingredients, we use clinical testing to ensure real results. Take our Vitamin C Ester for example. We found that at 3%, the ingredient is more stable and has shown remarkable clinical results to brighten dark spots, soften surface skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief, ingredients don’t have to be born in a lab to be clinically proven. In fact, many of our natural ingredients – like caffeine, astaxanthin, green tea, and adaptogen mushrooms – come right from nature (holistic), but are clinically proven to really work. Even the technique of lymphatic cleansing with rollers has clinically measured results. No hype. No spin. No beauty buzz.

So combine Holistic and Clinical and what do you get? You get luxurious, featherweight serums and innovative flat rollers that have the muscle to heal, nourish, and protect. Every single time.

Questions? Reach out to us on Instagram @beautyhac.


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  • Is this safe for everyone, like is it safe for someone with controlled high blood pressure,
    controlled diabetes, controlled thyroid issues?


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