Spring Clean Your Skin

It's that time of year- Spring inspires us to fling open our vanities to clear out expired, heavy formulas to make way for fresh, new lightweight versions.

After months snuggled up in sweaters eating comfort foods, we feel the urge to do the same internally and it all starts by kick-starting your lymphatic system from head to toe. 

As your largest organ, your skin is responsible for managing and eliminating waste with help from your lymphatic system- the lymphatic system is literally your body's housekeeper and after the long winter months, She is ready to start Spring Cleaning!

Before you panic, note that your skin and body aren't technically "dirty" (no scare tactics here) however, most of us aren't as active or likely to practice all over body care rituals during chilly winter months and waste fluids can become stagnant in our lymphatic capillaries leading to puffiness, dull skin, a touchy immune system and even brain fog. 

Time to dust off your shelves and make room for body brushes, scalp massaging tools, rollers and new exercise routines to reinvigorate you lymphatic system and get your Spring 2022 Detox Glow.  

Here's How: 

Dry Brushing

Get ready to rev up your energy -even before your morning cup of coffee. We like to dry brush before our morning shower; it only takes a few minutes and gets your system pumping- literally.

Start at the palms of your feet and sweep upward in light, brisk strokes toward your abdomen. Next, extend your arms and sweep downward in the same manner from the palms of your hands to your heart. 

Benefits include:

  • Exfoliated skin that more readily absorbs moisturizer and active ingredients. 
  • Full body lymphatic activation to move stagnant fluids to the lymph nodes (your body's filtration system) where they are cleansed and  naturally eliminated 
  • Jumpstarts your energy 
  • Supports a healthy immune system 

Scalp Stimulation

Take extra time to brush conditioner or hair treatments through your hair with scalp stimulating brushed curved to hug the contours of your cranium. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved microcirculation nourishes hair follicles with nutrient-rich blood to support hair growth   
  • Activates lymphatic system that is usually neglected in the scalp 
  • Jump starts mental clarity 



Moving your body for just 15 minutes at a time activates the large lymphatic pumps located in your armpits, groin and stomach to rev up full body lymphatic drainage.

Benefits include:

  • Full body lymphatic activation to move stagnant fluids to the lymph nodes (your body's filtration system) where they are cleansed and naturally eliminated 
  • Reduces fluid retention and bloating
  • Jumpstarts your energy 
  • Supports a healthy immune system 

Face and Neck Lymphatic Massage 

The lymph nodes located in the face and neck are responsible for moving fluids that contribute to puffy eyes, heavy jowls and a thick neck. Rolling with Beauty HAC’s Treatment Rollers activate lymphatic drainage and microcirculation for an immediate GLOW. 

Benefits include:

  • De-puff heavy eyelids and under eye bags
  • Sculpt the cheekbones and jawline
  • Drain fluids that cause puffiness, stretch the skin and contribute to wrinkles 
  • Boosts microcirculation for an immediate glow 



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