See-The-Difference Skincare for New Moms

They say that the joys of Motherhood include sacrifice. 

Tired, puffy looking skin from countless sleepless nights, edited or non-existent ‘Me Time’ and abandoning your favorite ‘See-The-Difference’ skincare products for safe formulations are sacrifices that new Mom’s don’t have to make with Beauty HAC.

We’ve HAC’d your skincare practice with pampering roller applicators that make every application ‘Me Time’. Even better, they are attached to multi-tasking serums that deliver ‘See-The-Difference’ results- thanks to ingredients proven to be effective and safe for new Moms and Baby.

Safe, See-The-Difference Ingredients 

Our approach to results-driven skin care is different. With Beauty HAC, you get the visible results from our ingredients without the risks and side effects of aggressive topicals. 

Rather than bullying and aggressing your skin into action with irritating, pro-inflammatory ingredients that, overtime, compromise cellular function and can lead to premature aging and stressed skin, we focus on supporting cellular function with gentle and equally effective alternatives.

For example, we refine texture by stimulating cell turnover and collagen production with Bakuchiol, aka nature’s retinol which has been clinically proven to work as well as retinol without the irritation, UV sensitivity and potential contraindications for Mother and Baby.


Hyperpigmentation and “Pregnancy Mask”

Fluctuating hormones can make skin overproduce melanin resulting in stubborn dark spots and patches on the face and neck after pregnancy.

Harsh acids and bleaching agents often employed to combat dark spots and fine lines are are exactly that- HARSH. Not recommended during breastfeeding and they can make you more prone to hyperpigmentation by weakening your barrier.

Our formulas work to regulate the cells that produce melanin to safely prevent hyperpigmentation before it starts and combine ingredients proven to safely lighten existing dark spots. 

Brightening Vitamin C Ester lightens, Targeted Peptides inhibit dark spots formation and clinically proven Antioxidants protect from melanocyte triggers in both of our formulas for the Neck, Face and Eyes. 

Beauty HAC’s specifically selected ingredients Prevent, Protect and Correct.

Prevent: Tyrosinase inhibitors help to prevent dark spots before they start.

Protect: UV and Stress Hormones can trigger melanin production. Our expertly formulated Antioxidant Blend strengthens the cell membrane and mitochondria while reducing radiation-induced DNA damage that leads to the destruction of collagen and elastin. Astaxanthin, Vit CEster, Ferulic Acid, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Triple Teas, Algae Matrix

Correct: Bakuchiol and Hibiscus Flower gently and effectively improve cell turn over to reveal new skin while Vitamin C Ester, Teas, Algaes, Mushrooms and Peptides brighten stubborn melanin deposits. 

'Me Time', Every Time  

Beauty HAC = Skincare that IS Self-Care 

Roller applicators makes every application an act of self care- with each sweep, you feel tension fall away as you massage tired muscles, support lymphatic drainage and see the results of a mini spa treatment at home. 

Puffiness and Bloat

Lymphatic Drainage immediately works to start draining stagnant and excess fluids that commonly linger during and after pregnancy.

Daily use of the rollers has a cumulative effect and daily use keeps the lymphatic system active reducing swelling and related stretching that cause wrinkles. The results: visibly firmer, tighter skin, awake looking eyes and chiseled cheek and jawlines. 

Tired Eyes

You’d never know that I have a newborn that keeps me up all night.  Sometimes, I think that I shouldn’t use my roller so often because I’d get more help, lol.

The tint in your Eye Cream brightens my circles right away and the roller make the puffiness disappear.

My friends say that I look like I sleep through the night- from the neck up at least.”

Lexi, 34 Baby Penn, 9 weeks NYC





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